Licensed Psychologist & Certified Imago Relationship Therapist

Conscious Singles

Keeping The Love You Find:
A Workshop for Singles, Individuals, and Couples

Dates:  TBA
9 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day.

This workshop is great for people that are not in a committed relationship or for individuals in relationship seeking to improve their self knowledge and improve couples skills.  It is appropriate for those who are new to Imago Relationship Therapy, as well as those who have completed the “Getting The Love You Want” Couples Workshop.


  • If you want to understand why you can’t seem to meet the right person.
  • If you are tired of making the same mistakes again and again.
  • If you want to learn how to create and sustain a committed love relationship.
  • If you are beginning a relationship you want to keep.
  • If you want to meet others with similar concerns and values and a deep interest in creating a “conscious relationship.”

Brings into awareness your unconscious childhood hurts and the character traits you developed to protect yourself from those wounds. You will understand how your wounds and defenses reappear in intimate adult relationships and how they play out with your partner. You will be given new communication tools and develop a personal growth plan that will help you to attract and keep the love you find!

The workshop includes lectures, guided imageries, written exercises, and small group process. A systematic workbook is provided for your use during and after the workshop. While you will be invited to participate and to build a supportive group atmosphere, you will not be pressured into unwelcome disclosure. Confidentiality is maintained in a safe and comfortable environment.

Fees: The fee for the workshop is $350 per person.  Register with one or more friends or partner and each pay just $300/each. A deposit of $150 will reserve a place for you. Early registration is encouraged.

Location:  Boulder (TBA)
Dates: TBA

Conscious Singles Intensive
Preparation for Committed Relationship

This class will help you:

  • Assess your level of relationship readiness
  • Define your life vision, values, and non-negotiable relationship requirements that will ensure partner compatibility
  • Understand the different types of “dating traps” and how they can prevent you from finding your dream relationship
  • Select a partner who is genuinely aligned with who you are and what you want in life
  • Become “The Chooser”, forever eliminating fear of rejection
  • Dramatically increase your self-esteem and confidence when meeting potential mates
  • Connect with other single men and women seeking their Life Partners

If you are serious about finding a lasting and fulfilling life partnership, this class is for you.

Dates:  TBA
Cost: $129  Advance registration required.
Location: to be announced (Boulder)

Conscious Singles Intensive I $129.00
Register with a friend, and you each get a $29 discount!
You must register together below, for a fee of $200.

Deepening the Self
Personal Growth for Life and Relationships

Using a variety of techniques from Imago and Voice Dialogue, you will:

  • Explore your patterns of relationship–what works, and what trips you up.
  • Uncover the childhood messages and scripts that unconsciously run your relationships
  • Understand how childhood “wounds” and “character adaptations” affect you in your adult relationships
  • Create a “personal growth plan”
  • Strengthen your “lost selves” so that you live your life more fully
  • Learn the skills necessary to create the relationship of your dreams

This class is highly experiential and interactive.  The group will provide a safe and supportive environment for you to do this deep work.

Dates: To be announced.
Cost: $149  Advance registration required.
Location: to be announced (Boulder)